About Callie-Anne

"Callie-Anne Gavazzi was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and attended high school in South Africa. Callie managed a safari camp in Mozambique, where her passion for cooking was conceived.  Callie studied acting for film at the New York Film Academy.

Her bubbly larger than life personality as well as her natural talent and ease behind the camera was showcased on Masterchef South Africa television program, where she made it to the top 25.  She is also the host and co-producer of her reality cooking show "Callie-Anne Cooks: Into The Wild" where her African roots and food creations are showcased.

Amongst all of the above Callie has also started a well known safari company called "Callie-Anne On Safari" where she has a team of trained chefs or "Bush Babes" who travel into remote African kitchens sharing their love for our local food. Bringing African cuisine to the world.  Her recipes from her African kitchen are also showcased in her first luxury safari coffee table book "A Love Affair With Food In Africa" filled with childhood memories and recipes to die for.

Callie continues to dream big and share her passion with others.  Her attention to detail combined with her sensational creativity is a recipe for culinary perfection.  We love her huge amounts and hope that she will tantalize your taste buds with this story with her love affair with food."