Callie-Anne Cooks | Thai Inspired Fish Cakes
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Thai Inspired Fish Cakes

Fresh and Fishy
About This Project

These are a major crowd pleaser! Every time I make them! Peeps are always going on about how yummy they are! Snacks or a lite luncheon!

They are soooo tasty! I serve mine on a minty lemon & pea purée. But you can change up the mash, to whatever vibe you like. Butternut, cauli, basil mash….it’s so versatile!




250g of cooked and flaked white fish. (I use bream/tilapia but any fish works even tinned tuna fish drained is fine)

1 large sweet potato (white)

1 large Lemon (zest and juice)

1-2 cups dessicated / dry coconut

1 egg

Splash of soy sauce

2 garlic cloves

1 thumb size piece of ginger

1 tbsp of mixed dried herbs

2-4 tbsp flour (as you need it)

Salt & pepper

1 green chilli

Squeeze of honey

Splash of Coconut oil


Ingredients Puree:

Purée 1-2 cups of frozen peas (thawed out)

Big bunch of fresh mint

1 small lemon (juice & zest) Splash of olive oil Salt & pepper


Method: Cakes

– Please don’t be daunted by all the ingredients! It’s only a matter of throwing everything together and making the cakes!

-To the fish add all the veg that has been very finely grated: chilli, garlic ginger and sweet potato (raw) then throw it into a large bowl. Add your dried herbs and zest of the whole lemon. Give it a quick mix then you can crack in your egg yolk, add a splash of the soy sauce, squeeze of lemon & the honey.

-Sprinkle in your coconut! This is your dry ingredient so you need to gauge the amount. You are just wanting to bring the mixture together so you can easily form the cakes! If you feel its not coming together add a sprinkle of flour to bind it.

-Use the leftover flour and coconut to dust the fish cakes light for a crust, make sure you have seasoned it well! This will act like a breadcrumb giving it a beautiful crunch.

-I like to do bite size cakes, lightly fry them in a little coconut oil until they are bronzed.




-Blitz all the ingredients together using a stick blender or a food processor! I like it smoother so I can make delish dollops for the fish cakes to rest on!   Serve these little fishy nuggets with a cheek of lemon and fresh mint!   Zips!!!