Callie-Anne Cooks | Gungai
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About This Project

This is a slight obsession of mine as you all know by now. I use this with everything…..from cooking, marinades, sauces, seasoning to just eating it as it is! It can keep in the fridge for days and it’s just delicious and what’s even better is you control the heat.   I love to eat it very spicy but you can chop and change your chillies and get it to the right heat for you.



300g Fresh chillies

4 large garlic cloves

Extra virgin olive oil



Into a food processor or using a sharp knife blend/chop the chillies and the garlic.

I leave the seeds in, but you can take them out if you prefer a milder vibe.

I like mine to be a little chunky, so I chop them, but again you can have it as chunky or as fine as you like.

Place your chopped chilli and garlic into the jar and fill with good quality olive oil until it is completely submerged.

Gungai keeps for up to a month in the fridge, just make sure it’s covered with olive oil. Very important to know that the longer you keep it the hotter and hotter it gets!   Happy Gungai Munching!