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Eland Kebabs

Sipping and Munching
About This Project

I LOVE a kebab in any shape or form. It’s one of those dishes that’s so versatile and it can honestly suits anyone’s taste. Veggies, Huku or Nyama….whatever it’s yummy!

These are my Eland ones and I loved eating them almost as much as making them! Haha

Try them with beef or lamb if you are not so keen on venison! Bright and beautiful flavors for #homejames entertaining!



-200g Fillet (beef or venison)

-Red onions X 2

-Broccolini or green peppers



-Spice for life (or your fav spice mix)

-olive oil

-Salt & Pepper

-wooden skewers/sticks from your garden



-Get all your ingredients prepped before hand. It’s faster and easer if you do. Chop the Veg & meat the same size of you can.

-Once you have chopped the fillet you are using into nice sized cubes/chunks, season them immediately with olive oil, your spice mix, salt and pepper. Leave them to infuse for about 10-20mins.

-You could totally do this the night before BTW!

-Assemble the kebabs onto the skewers as you like, just make sure you alternate the veggies and the meat you are using! It is better to use hearty veggies that they also cook at the same time as your nyama. Remember to use bright colours too, they really will look stunning and fresh if you do!

-Once you have assembled them, pop a garlic clove or lemon cheek on the end of each kebab to keep them tight and together. Then we can grill away!

-They take about 3mins on each side and you have 4sides. So you must watch these when you cook them.

-Squeeze loads of lemon all over when you serve and season to taste! Munch them as they are…. or add a little lemon mayo to dip! Either way: you won’t be disappointed!