Callie-Anne Cooks | Eggs Baked in Tomato Sauce
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Eggs Baked in Tomato Sauce

Veggie Vibes
About This Project

Wow my eggies in tomato sauce are most definitely at the top of my breakfast list! I love eggs madly. I actually eat them nearly everyday. But made this way…. just takes it to new levels! It’s life changing stuff I swear!! Simple food at its best.



6-8 small tomatoes

Olive oil

2 garlic cloves

Couple sprigs of fresh rosemary

Couple sprigs of fresh oregano

Couple leafs of fresh basil

1 Tin of passata

Salt & Pepper

A glug of balsamic vinegar

4-6 large eggs


Crunchy bread of some sort


-Place your pan onto a medium heat, and add a splash of olive oil. You don’t want this too hot, you want this to be a slower cooking process.

-Cut your tomatoes into quarters and throw them into the pan to sizzle. (Chunky vibes)

-When you feel like they are softening up slightly you can add your freshly chopped garlic. This can be as chunky or as fine as you like. Give it a mix and let them keep cookin!

-Chop up your beautiful fresh herbs and add them to the mix! This part is vital to adding some deadly flavor to your dish so try get fresh if you can. Oh and don’t forget to leave some for garnishing at the end.

-Right…..things should be looking gooooood now, so we can go in with the passata/tomato purée and a generous splash of balsamic vinegar. Give it a good mix, season with salt and pepper and let it bubble away for about 10mins before adding your eggs.

-The eggs will cook pretty quickly, obviously depending on how you like your eggies. Crack them in gently so you don’t break the yolks. I like mine gooey so it’s takes about 5mins with the lid on. -Once you are happy with your eggs, I like to finish it off with a couple blobs of creamy mascarpone. And loads of fresh herbs.   This is best to eat with warm crunchy bread of any kind! Dip and and munch! Great for Sunday morning family vibes! I love it huge amounts! I hope you do too!   #zips