Callie-Anne Cooks | Egg Yolk & Cannelini Bean Ravioli
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Egg Yolk & Cannelini Bean Ravioli

Veggie Vibes
About This Project

One of my most favorite things to eat when I am having one of those days is Pasta-Ravioli Pasta to be exact! Little pockets of love that make life just delightful. And its even more wonderful to eat when you have made it all by yourself! This recipe is one of my best, its easy and so tasty! It’s one that I think is a great starter for making pasta! Then once you get the hang of it you can get really fancy with your ideas!

I have tried to give you a step by step vibe so you can read and cook! I think you guys will love this one! You may need a little time as you cant really rush it! I promise though its all worth it! And visitors will think you are a ROCKSTAR in that kitchen 🙂


1 egg yolk per rav

2tins of cannelini beans

60g of parmigiano cheese-best quality you can afford

Couple sprigs of fresh thyme & rosemary (dry works too-but the fresher the better)

2 garlic cloves

1 small onion

Olive oil

Pasta: (this will make enough for 8)

400g Flour (100g flour per egg)

4 free range eggies

Pinch of salt



1) Right first things first the Pasta.

2) So in a food processor (or with your hands if you feeling strong) you will need to mix the eggs and flour together in a well making your bright yellow pasta dough! Kneading is important as you need a smooth even dough to work with! Its also works the gluten so you have an elastic vibe. If it sounds confusing just remember stretchy dough is the key! Wrappem in cling film and stick it in the fridge or use straight away!

3) Now onto the filling! Best part of the Rav! In a Pan- fry your onions & garlic. Don’t fry the life out of them-they just need to be softened slightly as they are adding the flavour to our bean filling! Using a stick blender or a masher. Squash your beans with the fried onions and garlic! Season well! And load it up with parmigiano. This can go into a piping bag-and it’s way easier to work with than you think.

6) So filling done. Pasta time! You have to get a pasta machine I am afraid to say! Its one hellova job rolling it out! you can buy them everywhere, try get one that is the best quality you can afford! Its an investment I swear you wont regret it!

-Now you need to start on the highest setting and slowly make your way to the bottom. Cut your pasta into 4 sections then start rolling it through that machine!

-Roll it through a few times on the first setting until you get the hang of it. Once its smooth, no holes and stretchy, start moving the settings down.

-Once you get to the last setting make sure you have a clutter free counter to lay your pasta sheets on. Making sure they are lightly dusted with flour!

-When you have rolled out all four pieces then we can start assembling our pockets of Joy! You can either do one by one or a whole lot at once! It’s up to you!

-I do a whole lot at a time, basically we will need to pipe little rings big enough to place our egg yolk, leaving 2-3cm spaces between them.

-Then you fold the pasta over ontop of the little blobs.

-You will need to brush with water or egg to ensure it sticks well and please make sure there is no air pockets-you want perfect pasta! Press the edges with a fork to seal everything in.

7) Okay so the hard part is over. Boil a pot of water and once it has started to boil turn it right down! Add a swig of olive oil & salt to the water and pop those little parcels in, it cooks in minutes! They will float to the top when ready! Literally 2mins!

Serve these with a little burnt butter infuse with your fresh thyme and rosemary!

This is life changing stuff I tell! Happy happy!

Buon Apetitto……………….