Callie-Anne Cooks | Bushbuck Carpaccio
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Bushbuck Carpaccio

Sipping and Munching
About This Project
So I am sure lots of you have tasted kudu carpaccio, especially South Africans-it tends to be on several of our restaurant menus.  But if you aint tasted bush buck my goodness you should try this one..
What you need
1 bush buck outside fillet
Glug of olive oil
-a bug pinch of dried chilli flakes
-A sprig of rosemary (fresh is better but dry will work too)
-Big pinch of coarse sea salt
-1 Lemon (we want the zest )
-Small bunch of basil
– dried thyme
-1 clove of garlic
-crushed black pepper
A blob of good old hot English Mustard
Cling wrap
A string of some sort
-Okay so all the ingredients except the mustard need to go into a mortar and pestle and be grind-ed down into a dry paste slash rub vibe for your fillet but you don’t want it to be to wet, as you want it to be a crust.
-Put the delicious crumbs to one side and grab your fillet.  It is not the end of the world if you don’t have bushbuck or kudu, any nyama (meat) will do the trick i just happen to blessed with an endless supply of venison. So we take our fillet and gloss the beauty with extra virgin olive oil, this creating a rather delish glue for our crumbs to stick to.
-Sprinkle your spices onto a board or the surface you are working on, then rollem. Basically rolling it over the spices so the fillet gets evenly covered and all the herbs stick to it! No wasting a single spec.
-We are almost done, now that you have a crusted beauty, we need to sear it, The pan/grill whatever you are using needs to be piping hot and splashed with a little olive oil unless it’s bob stick. You DO NOT want to cook the fillet you just want to brown the outside, it should take 1-2mins on each side…… even less!
-Allow the fillet to cool down slightly it shouldn’t take long as you haven’t cooked it remember. then once its warmish, brush  it with some mustard!
-Now we cling wrap this baby, like a sausage its needs to be tight so that you have a perfect cylinder shape, this makes for great presentation and easy slicing.  Then it needs to be placed in the freezer, you want it to be semi frozen when you take it out not like an ice block! Depending on your freezer it should take 2-4 hours. It needs to be semi frozen so that its easy to slice.
-Serve it on a big platter with fresh rocket and parmigiano cheese, with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar  (add some sprigs of Basil or rocket if you like)
Happy munching ☺️