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What Are Your Favourite Foodie Shows?

All Jamie Oliver’s shows are in my foodie archive! He is just magic, foodie TV at its best. But I am also completely obsessed with Chopped USA- that is sooooo my kind of cooking! Random ingredients and just making a plan with what you have! But the list could go on and on. Anything foodie and funny, and you will have me hooked!

Who do you look to for cooking inspiration?

I would have to say Jamie is my huge role model in food! He is just so inspiring. And his style of cooking is what I aspire to. My dad is a huge influence on my foodie creations he is a mean cook over a flame and I think my love for eating comes from him.

What’s your favourite home-cooked, childhood food?

Memories of food as a child will always be Sadza & Chimoliya, Growing up in zim. That was something my Gogo used to make for us on a Saturday. It’s messy and soooo delicious. Just the smell of it cooking takes me back to being a little girl. Not to mention my Pap’s Per-Peri Prawns! On the beach in Mozambique every holiday! I have stolen the recipe!

Do you eat out?

As often I  can….I am always hitting a delicious new place to munch.  I love to eat out at a different place every time it’s the best way to have a variety of food. I always get my ideas and food creations from eating out at different restaurants.

What’s your favourite comfort foood?

My ultimate go to comfort food has to be a lamb stew. Sunday on a rainy day served with cheesy polenta! My Best!!!

What do you eat for breakfast?

Eggs!!! I am obsessed with them. Anyway I can get them. Full cream yogurt and honey is also a fav of mine! And I also love lots of butter and bovril on toast! Delish!

The most challenging aspect of cooking for TV is….

Learning to slow down. I am super energetic most of the time. And I had to learn to help the Camera tell the story of food beautifully! It was super challenging for me especially when you in the zone and you have to think about what you doing!! But I think I finally got there in the end!

Who Helps You With Callie-Anne Cooks’ Production?

The wonderful team at NV Studios handles my TV Production and branding. We have loads of fun together!